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In 1966, the company CENTRO ADMINISTRATIVO DE EMPRESAS, S.L. was created to advise and give support to companies in the fields of accounting, finance and tax. Since then, it has been known as CADE.

In the early 1980s, there was a major overhaul of partners, which relaunched CADE by expanding the client portfolio and incorporating new data processing technologies to enhance the level of services.

In 1986, CADE opened its legal department with a team of law professionals that provided cross-disciplinary support to the services already provided.

The consultant-company dialogue has constantly raised the quality of services provided. A more technical relationship has now become a relationship of trust with the client. And that is how CADE professionals became consultants for business people and their families. We're specialists in dealing with family businesses today.

Now well into the 21st century, and with proven success in legal and tax affairs, we have added workplace-related services to our portfolio, with the generational changeover required due to the passing of time. We currently boast a young and determined team, while also upholding the values that have always characterised the CADE brand. We recently renewed many of our partners, thereby achieving the gender equality in keeping with our times.

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