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Practice Areas

CADE CONSULTORS covers several areas:


  • Design of accounting systems
  • Systematic follow-up of the accounting process.
  • Accounting and mechanism services.
  • Reviews, pre-audits and pre-inspections.
  • Short-term tax planning.
  • Settlement of taxes: income tax, corporate tax, succession tax, etc.
  • Preparation of annual accounts.
  • Advice and presence at inspections.
  • Formalisation and follow-up of tax claims.
  • Maintenance of trading formalities.
  • Documentation of related transactions (Master File and Country-by-Country reporting).


  • Corporate: contracts, incorporation of companies, company management, corporate restructuring.
  • Civil: contracting and out-of-court negotiations for sales transactions, leases, debt claim transactions, civil processes (claims for payment, inheritance rights, evictions, partner and director liabilities, non-fulfilment of contracts, unlawful competition, swaps, subordinated debt, preferred interest, minimum interest rates, multi-currency transactions, and other banking products).
  • Family: mutual or contentious separations, divorces and break-ups; inheritances; disabilities and guardianship.
  • Litigious-Administrative: administrative and tax proceedings before the authorities and legal entities.
  • Bankruptcy: liquidation of companies.
  • Criminal: corporate and financial wrongdoings.


  • Payroll, contracts and social security.
  • Employment advice to companies and individuals.
  • Negotiation and resolution of employment disputes.
  • Legal defence for dismissals and other employment disputes.
  • HR restructuring procedures.
  • Presence at employment inspections.
  • Contracts for executives.
  • Freelancers and entrepreneurs.
  • Social security pensions.


  • Mediation in conflicts (personal, family, company, public authorities, etc.).
  • Advice and consultancy:
    • Diagnosis and analysis of conflictive situations.
    • Design of resolution strategies (mediation, conciliation, facilitation, etc.).
    • Advice and support for negotiation processes.
    • Design and implementation of mediation services.
  • Streamlining of agreements and protocols.
  • Training of mediation agents.
  • Succession planning for family businesses.


  • Diagnosis of financial situation.
  • Financial planning.
  • Refinancing transactions.
  • Advice and assistance for banking transactions.
  • Cash flow management.
  • Company-bank audit.
  • Asset management.
  • Due diligence.
  • Accounts audit.
  • Processing of grants.
  • Business classifications to work with public authorities.


  • Strategic planning.
  • Company creation, viability and restructuring plans.
  • Long-term legal-fiscal planning.
  • Design of organisational structures and holdings.
  • Global and/or functional diagnosis.
  • Advice and representation in negotiations and transactions.
  • Succession planning for family businesses.
  • Sale of companies. Search for new partners and shareholders.
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